3/30: Kind of Person That Attracts Me

For Future Daughter


Well, it’s so hard to write constantly every day, Maera. This one should’ve been written on September 7th.

Okay, 3/30, ‘Kind of Person That Attracts Me’. “Attraction” is a pretty attractive subject to write but above all, let me remind you a thing: Opposites DO attract, but the like-minded lasts. At least this is what is said in here.

Do opposites really attract? A new study finds that when it comes to personality, people seek partners with their same qualities — but claim to want someone who is different.

It’s true, because I ended up with someone with (more or less) similar personalities and mutual preference. In fact, I never got attracted to person who is completely facing against me.

Well. I lied. I once did. I got attracted to an outdoor dash able to run really fast dash hating mall-type of guy. We came from different religions and of course, it simply didn’t last. Oh yes, and I fell in to the guy whose hobbies and interests were totally different from mine. We dated for a year, and it didn’t last either. Other than those, as far as I can remember, I’ve been always attracted to: guys with glasses, those who read and write and take photographs and dress simply and do not go clubbing and partying and do not get drunk, with open-mind and high-compatibility of jokes. You can call it a type of male-version-of-me and it’s not a rare type anyway. Some of these guys turned friends and best friends, one (and the only one) became my fiancé, and the rest were forgotten right away or a bit later.

So, Mae, another thing you should keep in mind; ‘attracting and being attracted’ is a natural matter. Everyone is born incomplete and sometimes we see the good thing we don’t have in the others. Be nice for ‘attracting’ and be wise about ‘getting attracted’.

Love, P.


1. I’m also attracted to Iker Casillas-type. Charming and good looking and humble and a world-wide champion. Just like other millions girls and women out there. Haha.

2. The guy in the photo is Jason Chen, a Taiwanese friend, and I wasn’t particularly attracted to him but isn’t it just nice to put a guy with glasses who reads and writes and good-looking right here?

APLFD: No One Ever Will

For Future Daughter, Less-then-10-lines, Letter

An Afternoon on a Station

Trust me, Maera, if you yourself don’t make some time to get your body some rest, or to talk with your parents, or to visit your brother, or to spend time with your best friends,

or to do the morning run, or to write on your blog, or to finish the novels you bought couple of months ago, or to go traveling,

then no one else will care.

To have a lot of things to do is sometimes a blessing and sometimes inevitable. However, to be too busy is optional.