[APLFD] Gracious & Merciful

For Future Daughter

Dear Maera,

In life, you’ll meet a lot of kinds of Moslem. You’ll meet nice ones, you’ll meet the not-so-nice as well. They all have their own reasons. Sometimes we can understand them but most of the times we can not. You might ask for more explanations later, and I might have so little to offer.

However, please remember this: from all God’s names, we use the Most Gracious and Most Merciful the most. We constantly remind ourselves about that: gracious and merciful. So God is. So we should be.

May peace be upon us.

Always, P

APLFD: Small Things About Me

For Future Daughter

Sometimes, when I’m by myself, which is pretty often, I wonder if later you will ever want to know small things about me. Like what I do on the weekends. If I enjoy going to the zoo. If I have always had my coffee black. That my favorite shoes are red. That I keep the coins I got from traveling and heart Danish ones the most because they do have little hearts. If I ever danced. If I am a Harry Potter reader. That I only buy neutral colored clothes. If I have always listened to sad songs. What my favorite Disney movie is. That I’ve ever been in a Neko Bus. That I love the smell of IKEA. That I’m a lot of other small things; rainy day playlist, fear of ghost tales, train trip memories or faded scenery of the sea. Just like everyone else.

That just like you, Maera, we all are many little things and some untold stories.

Postcard from Regina

Letter, Postcard

Barri Gothic

2505 Broad Street

Barcelona, November 25, 2014

Dear Michael,

I know there’s fat chance you’d read this but I’m sending it anyway. You might have forgotten me, the girl you met and shared table with for churros and chocolate in a cafe near Museu Picasso.

I’m back in Barcelona. This alley reminds me of you and our talk all night long about losing the present to preserve the past of the future in words and monochromatic pictures. This city seems to keep those conversations, your excitement when you told me that my first name was your hometown; but unfortunately not your last name. Now I think I should’ve kissed you but, you know.. I was engaged back then.