A postcard to Alta


Dear Alta,

I miss you slightly less than what people know, but slightly more than what you think.

Is it how it feels to be heartbroken, or is it just the distance?



APLFD: Before Sunrise


Dear Maera,

It’s been some time since the last time I wrote for you. Not a big deal it is, as you might read this as a part of book that you can complete in a day, entirely. You might not feel the gap. Well, you might do. Anyway, the most important thing that you should remember is: people change. If it is not you, then it would be everyone else. The truth is… as time goes by and people that mean so much for you change, you need to change too. Even a bit. Even if it’s only the way you expect them to spend time on you.

Today I spent all morning watching a trilogy; ‘Before Sunrise’, ‘Before Sunset’, and ‘Before Midnight’. The first one was released on 1995, the second one on 2004, and the last one was sometime this year, 2013. The gap of each was 9 year and having them on soft copies which you can watch back to back is somehow… nice. Of course, don’t worry, I saved them for you. Maybe when you’d understand it when you are 20, 40 years away from 1995. I guess ‘Before Sunrise’ would still be beautiful, though.

Well, which part of ‘stumbling upon a recently-broke-up guy you can talk with on European rail then impulsively getting off in Vienna together plus getting a kiss on a ferris-wheel‘ is not beautiful? No, Maera. Not that I ever wished such thing to happen in my life, but, it, would, still, be, beautiful.

What do you think about falling in love with a stranger while traveling?

Lost in the daydream of you and I feel so free,

I once traveled on Eurail. I know how wonderful the view from the train’s window is. You feel the great loneliness inside your heart, the constant change that you can’t control, the stops those are neither your destinations nor home. It makes sense that you can like a stranger way easier that way; with you as a stranger too. However, you might not be able to completely understand a feeling toward someone while you aren’t completely yourself. Maera, if it happens to you someday, I mean, falling in love with a stranger as a stranger, please come home first. Exchange phone number, email address, postal address, whatever. Come home first, get off of the train and the plane, get over the jet lag if you suffer from any. Take your time and see what happen. Falling sounds like an abrupt thing. Yes it is indeed, but how bad it is, it depends on you.

The thing about ‘Before Sunrise’ is on its sequel those two strangers, after 9 years finally met again. They met again after the American guy publishing a book about the French lady and she came to his reading. See, they came home first and so should you.

For me, now I know, the best place to fall in love shouldn’t be the most beautiful one. It should be home.

With love,


PS: Hey there if you read this, I remember you even we had way less than anything ‘Before Sunrise’.