About BW
BW stands for B.yond W.rds. It also stands for Black & White. This is a side project by Puty where she combines her appreciation for words, Black & White photography, and other imperfect things.

Photographs here are originally black and white instead of photo-editing results. They were taken either with digital SLR (Nikon D60, Nikon D5100, Fuji XE-1) in monochrome mode or film cameras (SLR, or plastic cameras), with black and white film.

About Some Categories
APLFD; A Piece of Letter for Future Daughter
Maera is a future daughter, and she will always be in the future. Posts with APLFD are more like pieces of diary of Puty herself; reflection of her; memories of her twenties; lines of thoughts that she wants to stay even longer than herself.

Puty reposts some of her old posts from her personal blog, old writing-blog agarina.wordpress.com, and the deleted blog in Bahasa, cerita.dalambahasa.byputy.com.

About the Author

Puty (26) is a wife, a geologist, a reader, also an illustrator from Indonesia. She can be found in her personal blog in told.byputy.com.