[APLFD] Gracious & Merciful

For Future Daughter

Dear Maera,

In life, you’ll meet a lot of kinds of Moslem. You’ll meet nice ones, you’ll meet the not-so-nice as well. They all have their own reasons. Sometimes we can understand them but most of the times we can not. You might ask for more explanations later, and I might have so little to offer.

However, please remember this: from all God’s names, we use the Most Gracious and Most Merciful the most. We constantly remind ourselves about that: gracious and merciful. So God is. So we should be.

May peace be upon us.

Always, P

APLFD: On Same Sex Marriage

For Future Daughter


Dear Maera,

If one day you ask me about same sex marriage, I’m afraid I can’t give you an intellectual answer except that according to the holy books, homosexuality is forbidden in all Abrahamic religions; including the one that I believe; the one that we’re teaching you.

However, as deeply as I believe in God, I believe that the He is the only judge. We have responsibility of our decision and not the others’. I also believe that we don’t always have to agree with someone to respect the person.

Respect the others, be good and do good. Be responsible for your own decision. Don’t try to fix what you know so little about.