Wave of Guilt

There were times when I felt like riding a powerful wave, a wave that went against the current.

But then this wave I was riding was made of guilt; both from remembering and failing to;

and along the way; it got bigger and swallowed me;

until it exploded into myriad tiny drops of loneliness;

and I exploded too

waiting for my time to return;

to become the rain against the city light.

Kabar Dari Pelabuhan


Sore ini aku sibuk mendengarkan
guruh yang gaduh
seperti anakku yang kurang tidur siang

dari jauh aku seperti menunggu kabar
dari pelabuhan
dari mulut sungai dan lautan
dari rumahku yang di seberang

yang datang hanya rintik hujan

Little Things

Isn’t it always the little thing like
being surrounded by the sea,
having everything sheltered by the sky,
watching sunset,
getting warmth from strangers,
that we always take for granted?

and later we miss the most?