Postcard to Aralia


Rome, November 6, 2012

Hello from Rome to Aralia!

Do you know what could be worse than having flown through almost half of the globe then finding out that your fiance had fallen out of love and been seeing someone else (Italiano!)? Not flying and not finding it out. Getting a heart broken in Rome is surely the scariest thing one can ever experienced! Couple with their mouth locking each other at, like, every corner! Luckily there are lots of gelateria and espresso and Mediteranian hunks. Well, maybe it’s not bad at all. I’m thinking about flying to Freiria and finding that Portuguese guy I met through OKcupid 3 years ago. Wish you were here to stop me.

Love, JulietLosingRomeo0108

A postcard to Alta


Dear Alta,

I miss you slightly less than what people know, but slightly more than what you think.

Is it how it feels to be heartbroken, or is it just the distance?


Postcard from Regina

Barri Gothic

2505 Broad Street

Barcelona, November 25, 2014

Dear Michael,

I know there’s fat chance you’d read this but I’m sending it anyway. You might have forgotten me, the girl you met and shared table with for churros and chocolate in a cafe near Museu Picasso.

I’m back in Barcelona. This alley reminds me of you and our talk all┬ánight long about losing the present┬áto preserve the past of the future in words and monochromatic pictures. This city seems to keep those conversations, your excitement when you told me that my first name was your hometown; but unfortunately not your last name. Now I think I should’ve kissed you but, you know.. I was engaged back then.