I Thought I Saw Anna


I thought I saw Anna this morning
she was preparing your breakfast
your toast, your coffee

I thought she smelled like sunrise
I thought I saw her dancing
I peeked through the window

I thought she ran out of time
I thought you fell out of love
I joined her,


until she disappeared
with 9 AM sunshine

How Life Sometimes Works



You know that life offers you too many possibilities. Your decision is all yours but you can’t control some particular variables; mostly because they are someone else’s decisions.

Well, even if all decisions are yours, there are still several alternative endings existing. However, unlike an indie movie DVD, you can’t just play back and choose another ending and repeat all over again until you watch what you want.

Let me give you an example. It’s like going to a café in a neighborhood you just discovered. First, you decide which café you are going to come in. Then you decide what beverage to order. You wonder what it would turn out to be. A couple of moment later, you sip what you ordered. It might be good; it might be bad. Life just happens. Then you may decide whether it is so good that you’d come back and order the same item or to come back and order different ones. You may decide that it is bad but you’d give another try for another beverage, or maybe light meal. You may also decide that it is so so so bad and it would surely be the first and the last time to be there.

In the end, even if you have decided that the café is really really bad, there’s still a possibility that you can’t afford any other café.

Then you might decide to come back to your dorm and make yourself instant coffee.

That’s how life sometimes works.