Leave with Me



A: Please leave with me
B: You know I can’t
A: But why?
B: Because we both know that you don’t mean it. Because we both know that I can’t love you more than I miss you. Because we both know that you can’t love me any more and I don’t want to love you any less.



Sathira 1

Nadia 4

Lia 3

Smile is possibly the most superficial thing we ever learn in life. Underneath the slightest smile, you might discover such exhausting distance traveled with great patience. In the shadow of the brightest smile, you might find the darkest past burried in a hurry. Beneath the most beautiful smile, you might learn the most painful truth lived by the strongest heart.

Because if you add a ‘why’ in ‘smile’, it can be an anagram of ‘my lies’.