and she wondered if they talked too much

She looked through the window
as she woke up from a dream
it was raining
she was sitting on the passenger seat
and he was driving, just like any other evening

They were talking

about him

and talking

about her

and talking

about everyone

and talking

and she wondered
if they talked too much
if they felt too little
if she felt something
if he felt anything

He dropped her in front of the house
for the last time, and she cried for the first time

At 3 am she texted him
“Are we running out of words? or out of reasons?”

It has never been read.




Before you leave, let me ask you an important question.

Are you afraid of falling because you don’t know where you would land
or because you do know?

Probably I’m on the Texts You Were About to Send

If you ever think to find me
Try your past writings
the ones written when you fell in love
and thought you’d never recovered

Try your recent writings
the ones written when you lost her

Probably I’m there

Probably I’m on your future writings
still waiting to be written

Probably I’m not there
and I’ve never been
and never will

Probably I’m on the texts you were about to send

but eventually discarded