Probably I’m on the Texts You Were About to Send

If you ever think to find me
Try your past writings
the ones written when you fell in love
and thought you’d never recovered

Try your recent writings
the ones written when you lost her

Probably I’m there

Probably I’m on your future writings
still waiting to be written

Probably I’m not there
and I’ve never been
and never will

Probably I’m on the texts you were about to send

but eventually discarded


After The Explosion

And after the explosion,
a surge of loneliness followed
there was this little sound in my head
“will you two ever meet again?”

And I let go
just like the rest of the world
after 2am
only longer

And then there was only sea

[APLFD] Jellyfish


Dear Maera,

Later I would take you to the big aquarium. Actually, I never like the idea of keeping these living things and showing them off to tourists and getting thirty something dollars and feeding them regularly in return. If you think about this it’s like interspecific slavery, isn’t it? But then, as a human, I have pretty much high hope of my own species. I hope that every child who was brought here would treat the sea better, or even save the entire planet. You might be one. You could be one. Your call.

Anyway, the last time I was there, I was so fascinated by the jellyfishes, just like everyone else. Sometimes it was things like volcano eruption or a glimpse of the galaxy that made us feel insignificant. Other times, it could be something smaller like these magnificent boneless creatures. Looking at them got me thinking, how could they be so beautiful?

Could it be their transparency and their inability to hide anything, Mae?