Why I Didn’t Say Anything to You

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I knew everyone thought that we lost the words because we didn’t have time to align and everything fell out of places. That at one point people grew and fell out of love of each other. But after years, I looked back and asked myself;

Is it possible to miss something that was never really there?



Snow storm, outside
Snow blizzard, inside my head
“I’m still waiting for the network… Probably it’s because of the snow.”
“Well, don’t worry,” he said, looking through the window.
“So, tell me, what are you doing in this city?”

Snowflakes, unseen because they are tiny
More snowflakes

“Well, it’s working. I’m going to call this number to make sure it’s working.”
“May I save your number?”

More snowflakes

“We’re closing in two hours. Do you want some coffee? Recommendation from a local.”
“I have things to do this evening.”
“Oh, I understand.”
“But can I call you?”

The storm has stopped
Snowflakes on the sidewalks
The snowman has gone, melted by Manhattan city light,
the infinite siren, and the sigh of yellow cab drivers



and she wondered if they talked too much

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She looked through the window
as she woke up from a dream
it was raining
she was sitting on the passenger seat
and he was driving, just like any other evening

They were talking

about him

and talking

about her

and talking

about everyone

and talking

and she wondered
if they talked too much
if they felt too little
if she felt something
if he felt anything

He dropped her in front of the house
for the last time, and she cried for the first time

At 3 am she texted him
“Are we running out of words? or out of reasons?”

It has never been read.