It’s been some time since the evening I wrote this,

An End of Another Semester

This semester is ending soon. Monday will be my last day of final exams, and on Tuesday we will visit a dam. From the 8th of June we would spend a month in Karangsambung and act like a true geologist. As the rest of long holiday flies, a new semester comes. My 7th.

Tonight I walked in the campus; from the north gate, to the south. The low light touched a part of my heart; where memories are kept in unalphabetical order. It’s been almost 3 years of falling in love with the configuration of a life phase: myself, my friends, and everything in between.

I remember the first day I came here to start a new life. I remember the first day I met my boyfriend. The first day of Salam Ganesha; a little thunder I am somehow proud of. The first day of Calculus. The first day I broke my heart and learned that a couple shouldn’t come from different religion. The first day of getting a crush on an unpublished writer and becoming a goddamn stalker. The first day I misjudged the girls which later became my very best friends. The first day I turned yellow and raised my fist to the blue sky.

The low light and the empty path reminded me when it was full and bright. I could picture us there, then I felt like everyone is leaving, and younger strangers are coming. Another semester is coming.

And the first day I countdown to the day of seeing the aurora would be the first day of missing a life phase. That I think I do already.

I still do. I will still do.