A Last Day Note


Dear all,

It’s been almost a decade since my first day (tell how long you’ve been working). After so many hellos and goodbyes; arrivals and departures; greetings and farewell notes in between morning and afternoon reports (and yes, midnight calls from the rig); now this is my turn for writing some lines to mark my own last day.

I would like to thank _______ (put the bosses names here) for the supervision and uncountable lesson to learn.

Many thanks for the operation geology team _______ (put the OPG team names here) for all smiles and laughs. For every memory. For every little joy that made me realize that working is not only to make a living; it is a part of living itself.

I would also like to thank you all, _______ (mention other teams you’ve been dealing with) for good cooperation, for all supports of which I couldn’t be here without.

“Goodbye” is never an easy word so I would rather say “Until we meet again.”

To make it less difficult, let’s see the bright side. Having more goodbyes means more reunions in the future. It also means putting more dots on your map of this small world and drawing more lines on your net. So please do not hesitate to contact me through my personal email address (___________) & phone number (__________).

We all meet for reasons and stay for some seasons;
after all, life is a journey, not a destination.
So, may our paths cross again someday.

Best wishes & regards,

(your name here)


For RHP. Good luck, until we meet again, Mas :)


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